a Letter to my 16 years old self


This writing idea i got from any random articles and some writings by some amazing bloggers, but most of all i wanna say thank you for geena who wrote amazing letter for her adorble 8 years old self. Coution: it’s going to be a long long letter since i have many things to say.

Hey my 16 years old self,

i am you in 10 years ahead! you might be surprise to read this letter, and i really wish that you will read this earlier if it’s possible. I am in the middle of deadline now, but i really want to write you this!

You might excited about what happen to you in the next 10 years, how’s your study? which college are you going to? how’s your love life? are you getting a steady job? i’m sure you really want to ask such a question to me.

my 16 years old self, my younger and my grumpy teenager self…where should i start it? i remember you are in the middle of your final test for the next grade, don’t you? as you expected you will not do any better for your grade,  sorry not for sorry, you know you aren’t any good in your studies in highschool, some teachers and classmates see you as a slow and lazy student, they always let you down. I know it sounds horrible but don’t worry, because your second and final year it’s gonna be so awesome. You will choose social study and right teachers that you can look up to, and some stupid crazy friends who will color up your boring day. Then about boyfriend, I know you had have a crush to that cute, clever, and religious guy, but actually he’s a jerk. A guy who will be your boyfriend is an unexpected guy from your tennis club, he’s 4 years younger than you but he’s already in master level while you are still in advance level and the goodnews is he’s cute, quite charming kind of guy, our mother seems like him even she pretends she’s not. and what even better he loves you with all his heart. For now, I really hope that you will be good with him and take care for each other, because i don’t 😦

Yes, that’s so-called long distance relationship torn up everything, and you will meet some jerks but you will get some lessons from them, still there were plenty of good guy you date like him  and him. as you go to college you will get busy study and socialize with new environment. College life will be the best years of your study life, you will not waste your time no more, you already choose the right major study now! i’m sure you cannot wait to study design like i used to be.

Friends and guy will come and go, do not trying so hard to look cool in front of people because you are already cool, you don’t have to be khardasians if you’re not comfortable, just keep being you. Friends will come and go and guys also come and go yet the good one will stay, the universe will eliminate the bad one and replace the bad one with someone new, also the carefully selected good people will stay even on some point you want to stay away with them they will always look up to you because that’s what friends and family  are for . So don’t cry over people who treats you bad.

After all, what happens to you in the 10 years i am proud about what you have done, i’m sorry there is still no new york in 10 years and no husband also it’s harder than i thought and i’m still struggling either, i will set up new bucket list for you so i won’t let you down at least you going to somewhere cool in your bucket list too this year, wish me luck. I will make as much as good memory for you and for the future that we always dreamed of, dear. but what i want to tell you, that you are a happy person.

P.S I really hope that you won’t give up that piano lesson and keep playing tennis on the weekend, It seems not really important but it will change you into different person


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