From my latest west java roadtrip with my dad on december 2015,i haven’t got a chance to open the picture on my computer, I’m not kind the roadtrip person but sometimes it feels like “why not?”

last year i haven’t had a chance to travel or going on vacation, i wanted to go somewhere refreshing at least like Bali, but i didn’t even know what i was exactly doing last year. I lost my job and suddenly lost myself, maybe what it called quarter life crisis, i really wanted to go somewhere new, to the strange place, see new street life, new faces, and the place i hardly pronounce, visit some museums, or even go shopping some local handmade craft.

I didn’t do it all and feel upset.

but not until write this to you while i exported some previous photos to my laptop and then i saw these pictures where i took on the roadtrip, i nearly forgot how breataking the gloomy beach and the warm of the sunset. I am now truly amaze about what i got now.

I am thankful about beautiful scenery, i am thankful with the local who helps me took the picture of myself under my direction correctly, and i cannot believe i found so many instagramable photographs from here *haha*

and i’m thank God for the upcoming trips! 2 tickets for different trip! yeah i already plan 2 short trip in this next 2 months!

what is your plan? hopefully we can do escape trip together someday..