Throwback: 2014 Singapore trip, dedicated to Mona


I found my old memory card and suddenly bump into this and now i wanna keep it to my blog so i won’t lost another memory again. One fine day with you, mon. I know you are now having fun in your trip to Bali with your friends. Hopefully they are so thankful as i was when i was having you in our Singapore getaway.

People said is kinda hard to find travel buddies, and i already proved that but not with you. I was thinking to go by myself back then but it didn’t happen! I couldn’t imagine i was sleeping at the hostel alone with other strangers (*which is i already did on my second trip at the same year and it was still cool*) for the first time. It was fun to enjoy our first day having our lunch at food republic and then strolled around NEX mall, afterwards we did nothing but sightseeing around Marina baysands. Our korean make up hunting at bugis street never be the same without you, and remember when almost missed our flight on our way back home*

I just found out something that we are rarely met each other in Jakarta especially since we graduated from college :,(

But i also thank god when we spend our time together, we really have that quality time! i really hope for our next trip together, let’s make our fondest memory again with some friends!


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