I don’t listen to Lana del Rey that much, i am into a beautiful poetry with song like this.  This is the part i like

“Everyday I used to pray that i would find my people

and finally- i did

on the open road

We had nothing to lose, nothing to gain,

nothing we desired anymore,

Except makes our lives into a work of art

live fast

die young

be wild

and have fun”

I have nothing to say but enjoy this beautiful poet. I haven’t heard something passionate but gorgeous at the same time like this.

It suits to my current mood. it’s about letting go the heartbroken, release the sadness, do what you like, and keep moving on. Someday you will find yourself in a better place, you just have to take this life as a ride that you have to enjoy.

and you only live once, there’s nothing to complain and waste your time with something that always makes you down, it’s time to live our life to the fullest

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