from cute place in Bandung, cottonwood

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This super latepost from my latest trip to Bandung, this trip was different than the other countless visit to this pretty city. Besides i had to finish some project there, it was my first time stay in cottonwood bed and breakfast. The place is so peaceful and quite it suits for creative people like me who wants a little bit getaway or to finish their freelance work alone.

and as you see, everything is really instagramable and so photogenic, many visitors came here just want to do some photosession or take OOTD picture 😀

overall, i have pleasant 5 days stay in here…i almost feel like home. I remember my sleepless  night when i had to work at their dining room to finish my design project, the night breeze is kinda cold and i didn’t bring my slipper, i strolled around the house with barefeet (don’t worry the house is so clean like my mom’s house), go to their public toilet, met a staff that had midnight shift like me with the face of “i wondered why there’s a guest who haven’t sleep at this hours”, but i’m thankful i wasn’t feel like i was alone there.

Thank you Kitty for involve me to your project and bring me here

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