in the middle of my working hours

sleepi remember that James Mcavoy said in his movie, starter for 10. He said

“I admit it. I’d made some mistakes. Okay, some big mistakes. Loads of them. But you can’t hide in your room forever feeling sorry for yourself. It’s not practical. At some point, you’ve got to get back out there, face up to things, and confront your demons. Ever since I can remember, I’d wanted to be clever. Some people are born clever, same way some people are born beautiful. I’m not one of those people. I’m going to have to work at it, put in the effort, and if I mess it up, I’ll learn from it”

i’m not pretty enough or even clever. i am far from the one you called clever. to be someone i really want to be i have to work harder than other people.

like it or not that’s me. i put this effort for a better life in the future or tomorrow that would never come. Cause one day i wake up from my sleep after work so hard i found myself to be the person i always wanted to be

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