a heart warming reading in 2012


i didn’t read so many books in 2012 but i remember months ago i bought this book at Kinokuniya plaza senayan and i found this book really interesting since i have interest about fashion, Japan, and design.

What i love about the book is…umm since i cannot read that hiragana, katakana or even kanji and of course my japanese is so really really bad i’m so happy it’s written in english also! yay! this is the cutest fashion book ever, it’s not talking about the fashion itself but the book well explain that fashion is what you wear but style is more who you are. every people feel free to express themself through the clothes that they wear in daily life. it’s not only picture fashion book but also conveyed the Tokyo fashion and all of the story behind it. If you interest anything about art of fashion and Tokyo you have to own this book.

Well sometimes i envy Tokyo because it’s ok there to wear something weird on the street haha well i don’t have any courage like they do, of course.

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