Jadi ceritanya meja kerja lagi dibajak buat rapat keuangan dadakan, mumpung dipindahin ke pojokan dan bosen ngerjain kerjaan yang entah kapan bakal kelar.


Sorry for the bad quality photo, i took it from my instagram. This is my portfolio’s design to get (settle) job in town. i didn’t know what the hell i was thinking when i made this selfbranding, i was feeling out of love and wanted to make a good portfolio, simple concept but not cost so much money. i thoughtk people loves to reicieved love letter and we should express the love we feel inside. Yeah it’s what i do to get the job that i really love to.This is include business cards, Cvs, and my portfolio album.

Simple banget ya? hahahah iyee saya lagi pelit bikin yang ribet-ribet dan begitu “niat” kelamaan, trus kedepannya pasti juga bakal update dan bikin lagi. Lagian udah keburu dipanggil sana sini juga buat interview jadi milih yang cepet aja deh.

Yes i got it in one of local well-known bread and pastry company. the people in here are so kind and funny also though sometimes i find it so hard to deal with them because i’m not working with designers like my friends does in creative agency or brand consultant but still i love what i do here 🙂

Jam pulang masih lama ya? udah mulai mati gaya juga nih

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