The Last

How many times have you in love before with him or her now? or some of you might be wondering too how many times your partner did before you? well it’s not really important just hope you are the best partner now 😀

Love is a wonderful journey no matter how many times you loved, there were always some great story to tell. the part of a journey that made who you are now and the best moment you finally see the shape of love through your sincere partner. If you have found your last one, take a chance and be thankful because someone coming to our lives must be for a reason wether it’s right or wrong it would bring something you must learn.

This beautiful made by Wong fu’s production, really simple yet nice plot, directly romantic, gorgeous casted (harry shum so cuuteee i could die!), perfectly breataking scriptwriting!

here’s my favorite line, i think this is the twist of the movie that really touch my heart.

man: You’re the sixth.

woman: Sixth, so which one am I then?

man: You’re none of them because you’re all of them. You are who I love; the girl on the pedestal, the fantasy the make-believe things that are actually true. You are what I love; the depth, the inside jokes, the best friend. You are when I love; a new history is being started with you. We are the young lovers our older selves will someday reminisce about. You are where I love: because I’d go anywhere, just to be with you. You are why I love: because before you, I didn’t truly understand what I was looking for. Now that we found each other, you’ve given my past and future meaning. You are the sixth. You are the last.”

Buset, nonton ini aer mata dimana-mana. Ya Allah kirimin atu ajaaa dong buat sayaa cowo kaya gitu, Pre order dulu gapapa deh, bayar Dp ga usah jupe *aiihh naon doanya pantes ga dikabul2in*

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