i simply remember my favorite things

Ha! I don’t know what i do now…anything in my mind is like about to explodeIbarat kata udah banyak sampah tapi dibuang sayang gitu *hah maksudnya naon?* Yeah it’s been like forever i haven’t posted any drawing or sketch, thou i’m an employed graphic designer now i’m still suck at drawing! yet i can say i’m one of a designer who cannot draw.


but my friend told me to do something that can make you feel better as teraphy..so i choose doodling as a mind gateway. hahaha and this doodle describe what’s going on in my mind and i decide to doodle everything that makes me happy, they are random things like Top Oppa, kokeshi dolls, soft ice cream, colorful hue, totoro, and stuff.

Lately i had learnt that:

1. God has a good sense of humor

2. No matter how solitude and loner i am, There are always people who came for certain reason and bringing something we must learn

3. People’s feeling is easily changed. If someone ditched you in the past just forget him, maybe someday he relize how precious you’re to be ditched.

4. crushing someone you know out of reach since the first time is much worthy than wasting time make someone likes you (bisa dibilang: Fangirling)

5. Showing the best that you can at work though you don’t get pay that much but you love the job and being surrounded by the smiling people who appreciate  your work is much much more heavenly days that get pay for higher cost but everyday is a burning hell for you. at least there’s still money for your shopping time at forever 21 or even Zara. If not? go to Mangga dua or other ITCs or even pasar senen, and see how stylish you are without wasting too much bucks, Yeah it’s unfair but you cannot have it all so be thankful then, Money wise!

6. Everyday is another chance! *i got this words from 8mile’s movie*

7. Do not watch K-drama, korean variety show, and your favorite K boyband on the weekend, once you get attach to one of them you’ll hardly get rid of them *hell yeah sabodok teuing*

8. More random more awesome

Enak juga ya ngomong 2 bahasa sekaligus. Walaupun bahasa beda tipis sama abang2an yang dipasar tanah abang sana

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