They Came on Jrockevolution2012 Jakarta !

While some of my friends busy to find Big bang’s ticket and stuff (seems like i’m gonna watch them because i don’t get the ticket ūüė• ) I ended up to find alternative to entertain myself and thanks God one of my favorite japanesse rock band ALICE 9 will be on Jrockevolutin 2012 live in Jakarta! Yes! the hallyu wave doesn’t change my love for my long-lost crush to Jrock Bands, They have their own place in my heart *eaaah* So i ordered the VIP ticket and i got it but this time they performed with 2 others well-known jrock band MUCC and United, whoaa it’s getting more excited! P.S company rocked on Jakarta!


¬†Hahaha i bought this limited a2 poster. It was kind of expensive poster i’ve ever bought

The crowd were really nice. I love met the people who came there they fashioned and also maintained a good friendship to other fans and the staff were really nice too! They treated us very well so the crowd was well organized! The security staff were kinda funny too they asked us to eat while we waited the gate opened, and tell us to not trash and making chaotic everywhere properly. There are also some Japanesse staff officially from the bands management tried to recorded us and asked us to send video message for our favorite band! although some of them cannot speak english very good and we didn’t get use to speak japanese too but we were quite understand to each other instead i found people who doesn’t speak english but they’re talented are really cool!

We were strictly forbid to take some pictures along the concerts. There were plenty people who didn’t listen to the rule included me hehehe but for respect them i decide just to keep the picture for me not to spread it on my facebook.¬†

the open act performed by uNITE i didn’t know was the first time i heard their song and i feel like i’m the lucky person who able to see them LIVE! and i surely put their music into my playlist. I love the way he dressed up


and the second act performed by MUCC! i didn’t know much about their song except Nirvana and Arcadia and one of their old song Libra…i thought i wasn’t really into their music since i don’t know much about the band except i think Satochi the drummer is really good looking *blush*. But everytime they played the music i felt that i don’t want to stop dancing..Tatsuro were really in his scary look but his unique act brought the audience to enjoy and dance along. i was so lucky for able to meet them after the show and said how cool they were. thanks to my sister for being big fans to them!¬†

The Last show was one of my highschool moment band arisu nineeeee AKA alice 9! My big regret was my friend sherly didn’t come to concert because she’s in Pekanbaru and she didn’t get the permission from her parents. She’s one of the loyal number six unlike me who didn’t really know the new songs of them. Sherly does know anything about Alice 9 she introduced me first when we were highschool. she’s a truly fan and i know how she adores Saga very much. And for me, in the morning right before the i went to the concert i watched their channel on youtube, watched some of their new music and some silly things they do and in the next hours i finally see them! some of the audience right there were crying when they saw them! I couldn’t even blink my eyes the first time see them it was kinda surreal for me.¬†

Image¬†now i cannot stop play niji no yuki. They were look even cuter in real live. I wish the concert was any longer i didn’t get enough for.

It’s a good things for me, in the middle of hallyu wave to see Jrock Visual Kei in real life. I know, there are only certain people who enjoys their music. Most of people here still prefer the K-pop, i do like Kpop but since the tickets are really expensive i cannot forfeit more bucks i need to save up. but then even for rock band the people in here still prefer british or western rock, Japan Rock still got their own market in my country.¬†

I hugged the people around me after the show was over although i just met them for awhile it felt like we came from the same group. It was a good day. i was really thankful…i cannot wait to other good day comes to me. i hope to see other P.S company band such as SuG too in the future or watch laruku for once again too! i hope i have another chance to see their country either..hopefully amen!

Now let’s get back to work hard¬†

Ganbatte ne

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