Oppa Nappa


from tumblr


it’s been months since the last time we had long conversation. I don’t know what kind of feeling, but i feel comfortable and alright the feeling that rarely i got from other guy who i get intense with. you’re more like a brother i guess? haha no i guess it’s more..if there’s a relationship more than friends and brother-sister thingy but not a lovers. yes that’s us! it’s kinda absurd but we enjoy.

Oppa, it’s funny and we got no idea why we stopped to see each other and have a small chit chat every night and day. All i thought that the more we got deeper and deeper, The more i get attach to you because that comfortable feeling. You’re an absurd,silly, but yet you’re a hardworker and very skilled which so attractive at least for me.

Oppa, i thought you wasn’t interested to us at all or you were just really busy and so i did many things too to get over the loneliness in your absence. haha yes i feel weird now. but the fact that i cannot deny i’ve been thinking of you, hoped that you would congratz me after the final presentation ,and i miss you but i reminded myself you wouldn’t call me anymore and i didn’t have any courage or desire.

One night when all of the ppl slept..i stayed up late as usual. My blackberry was ringing, i thought it was some annoying friends bbm-ing me. The texted well said:

“Hey you, don’t you miss me? how are you there? i miss you”

Yes it was you and still cannot believe you said that. you buzzed me first the things that you do seldomly and i wanted to say “i’ve missed you way before you told me” but i didn’t and i think you already know without i told you 🙂

Oppa it’s good to see you again and i hope you don’t get mad and sulky if you read this

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