Oppa Nappa


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it’s been months since the last time we had long conversation. I don’t know what kind of feeling, but i feel comfortable and alright the feeling that rarely i got from other guy who i get intense with. you’re more like a brother i guess? haha no i guess it’s more..if there’s a relationship more than friends and brother-sister thingy but not a lovers. yes that’s us! it’s kinda absurd but we enjoy.

Oppa, it’s funny and we got no idea why we stopped to see each other and have a small chit chat every night and day. All i thought that the more we got deeper and deeper, The more i get attach to you because that comfortable feeling. You’re an absurd,silly, but yet you’re a hardworker and very skilled which so attractive at least for me.

Oppa, i thought you wasn’t interested to us at all or you were just really busy and so i did many things too to get over the loneliness in your absence. haha yes i feel weird now. but the fact that i cannot deny i’ve been thinking of you, hoped that you would congratz me after the final presentation ,and i miss you but i reminded myself you wouldn’t call me anymore and i didn’t have any courage or desire.

One night when all of the ppl slept..i stayed up late as usual. My blackberry was ringing, i thought it was some annoying friends bbm-ing me. The texted well said:

“Hey you, don’t you miss me? how are you there? i miss you”

Yes it was you and still cannot believe you said that. you buzzed me first the things that you do seldomly and i wanted to say “i’ve missed you way before you told me” but i didn’t and i think you already know without i told you 🙂

Oppa it’s good to see you again and i hope you don’t get mad and sulky if you read this


final presentation





Thanks God, I finally make it! The Orangutans fundraising Event for my final project, the teary teary nights and days is finally over. I know i didn’t get the best score, yes think i failed but this time i failed better, i made with heart thou :). I’m happy to be able to make all of these things since i thought i wasn’t good enough at typography, layout design, and copywriting (shame on me who thinks only good at illustration). I Thank you to Orangutans for making me going out of my comfort zone, and it had been uncomfort zone for almost 6 months but i really happy to see the result and the Lecturer said they like my design though i have to be careful at cropping some picture and experiment with grid system.

My friends said that one of the Lecturer wasn’t a kind of talkative person. he’s more quite if didn’t like something but the fact i saw he wasn’t as cold as he looked. He gave me a lot of advice,critique, and compliment also. In the end i got a lot of knowledge from both lecturer.

There were a lot of fears i faced. The fear that wouldn’t make it right and scare of a big failure but thank God the cry all night long night is over, i was just underestimated myself and feeling that the work wasn’t look like what i usually did. I reliaze that sometimes we have to try ourselves to explore new things in life and this final project had taught me anything not about the orangutans issues back then but also about everything in life and of course mother nature. It’s time to set new good plan and prepare for better future. One of my wish i could visit Land of Borneo for real!

Thank you for Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation for your kindly helps. I don’t think i’ll make this without you guys.

Now let’s take break while finding way to keep going on your life.