a piece of weekend

i’m kinda lazy to write something so i just post some weekend pics


aksara Bookstore Kemang


Ccozi, Gandaria City


Flea Market in Kemang Point

A very tasty lollipop cake from FLEA Market

Got this postcardbook, made by kak Fransisca 🙂

Lovely Sina


I should finish some items for my final project today but blame this person who made such pretty stuff. I like how she made anything with fabric,wool, and etc. This is so much inspiring me since i always adore anyone who does something handcraft. the embrodiery is so crazy detailed!

by stumbled upon her portfolio is like love at the first time for me

click here to fall in love more 


Bachelor Vegetable Store


I’m not a big fan of korean drama or the other TV series. But when i’m starting to watch this Korean drama and i think it’s not that bad too. The story isn’t about love and romance but there’s something more such as friendship, hardworking, passion, and dream. Based on true story from the real small vegetable store in Korea. I think this drama worth to watch. The bachelor veggie are really cute too :p 



Relationship infographic 😀

afternoon walk


my family just moved to a new house in a small town in Jakarta called Cibubur. The neighbourhood is quite friendly so i deciced to walk and found out something more about this place. There are so many people who loves pets especially dogs and it’s a good thing for me since i really love dog but i don’t get the permit from my parents to take care one them in my house. 

then i just known that koolastufa shop is not too far from my house..so i strolled myself inside their very cute shop take a picture and got new bracelets. 

and now i just can’t wait to finish this final project thingy and have some more free time to do more something new without any burden. Just  wish me luck 😀


this song is the original soundtrack from succesful korea movie “my sassy girl”. Covered by Olivia Ong in Chinesse, this version of this song brings me into my currently mood *hahaha i don’t know exactly what kind of mood am i in now, silly me*