save orangutans?


a logo for my final project. I choose a non-profit foundation, Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation as my resourch and content reference. My concept for the event is that fundraising event is not only about raising money but how we educate the soceity about save orangutans in a fun way. Do you know that orangutans are forrest keeper? do you know how much important their lives to keep our environment stay balance? I bet most of you don’t know much about it. They eat some fruits fresh from the tree then they throw the seeds right on the ground. From the seeds, they will grow some new trees which is good for the plant regeneration in our forest.

we usually only know that orangutans are cute wild animal but beyond cute, they just like us, they hug each other, they build their home as comfortable as they want, they smile like us, and also feel sad and insecure just like us.


So instead of making donation, we also raising hope and brighter future for orangutan. Of course we need money to make up some messed that we had made to them. Most orangutan is from tropical rain forest in Indonesia. i heard that the population in Sumatra is only about 6000 left. The good news is in Borneo we still have more orangutans. The problem is can we keep them alive? can they be alive for a hundred years? or should they died caused by our reckless hands? 😦

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