Happy birthday me part 2 (pending post)

some stuff from my family arrived at my place right on my birthday surprisingly…they orginized by my sister! thanks sissy! she wrote a birthday card on them..i mean on  every each of them..swweeettt


a map batavia tote bag!


Lovely, right?

Imagesuch a mystically unique necklace handmade by one of my favorite artist Tarita Aurora! i love how she’d putted the philosophy of every work she had made…thank you again sister

and the last one 


It’s been almost 3 weeks since laruku came to Jakarta but i don’t know why i still feel the euphoria up until now, I know it’s kinda what you call it as “lebai” hahaha but to me it was like one of my dream did come true


and i feel like i’m the luckiest person to have you guys who whises me a happy birthday or even sent me so gifts especially for iren who gave me a lovely print orange skirt, tata for the pretty floral top, Rizqan who gave me that The Smiths album which is one my favorite british band, and Ci Dian who enrolled me to short sewing course thank you i really need to learn how to sew properly!

 also for the ones who spent a quality time with me, the time when i thought i would spent the rest of the day alone   🙂 and i can say i don’t feel any lonely even when i am alone now i can say that i’m pretty content now

Thank you God


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