the meet up

I didn’t know her before until i stumbled to an interesting blog “letter me some news” about almost a year ago. She’s Mifta, a young awesome girl from Aceh. I remember it was just a random blogwalking then i left a “hi” on her shoutbox and she came visit my blog too and just left a common comment, i didn’t even think that we become this close. I started to read her blog from the old post and i think she’s got a very interesting writings. I like the way she express her feeling through words, when she was still in HS she went to New York for exchange, which is so great and how excited i am when i found out that she’s one of Aceh writer and she’s also a young voluntary english teacher (instead of being a psychology student in Universitas Syah Kuala, Aceh). She mentioned a lot about her students and their spirit to learn new things everyday. Well, impressive! it makes me wanna come to Aceh..and maybe i can come to her “school”. See what they do there…

you know,it was funny.. 2 people who hadn’t even met before, they planned to see each other in a place where they’re not belong to. I came from Jakarta to Bandung a few days ago caused by boredom and a bit of self-randomness. Mifta decided to spend ramadhan to avoid those “Islamic syariat Policy” in Aceh..hahaha well i’m joking actually she wanted to stay at her sister in Bandung during ramadhan ; ). Surprisingly she knows so many indie Musicians like Homogenic, The S.I.G.I.T, Frau, Mocca, and she even likes Hollywood Nobody! i asked her too for listening to Sarasvati..

Besides talked about music, daily life, romance, break-up, we were also talk about political issue. I guess she’s kinda person who can talk about everything, i can say she’s an open book 😛

I hope there will another catch up or maybe i can visit your house in Aceh…*amin* *God Willing*

yeah knowing you like find my soul sister…and i can’t believe that my soul sister is pretty far away : )


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