About Dream and Passion of life

 “I’m not a lazy person, i just lost a lot of energy these days”  -Me-

i supposed to finish my assignments now. It’s already June and a bounch of college stuff are waiting which made mylife is getting lame day by day. Ok Dini enough complain about your life. Here..I wanna tell you about dream and passion. I just impress with the story behind my favorite local fashion brand CottonInk , They said “a small brand with huge dream” , created their brand based on their very long dream and passion along their journey, Cotton Ink becomes a very well-known store.  What is interesting in here are that Ria (They founded by 2 young talented designers Ria and Carline) was majoring in Visual Communication Design and she thought that she didn’t want to work in this major field, haha i totally understand sis Ria, design corporate identity for brand and advertising stuff sometimes can be so super boring and i feel the same way. I have a big passion too for fashion and some kind of children artwork.

Here some list of my dream jobs:

– Children book illustrator

-Copy writer (i enjoy writing though i need to learn more about languge and read more and more)

– Fashion Designer (i spent a lot of money for this *tapi apa daya mentok di uang*..maybe someday i have to make my own fashion line)

– or maybe Fashion stylist

– (mentok-mentok) Fashion illustrator can be a good option too

i think it’s good to keep dreaming eventhough your dream is already come true, and for people like me dreaming is everything..without dreaming and passion maybe i am dead now. Just want to tell you there’s a time when i feel so down about myself, i’m not smart enough and not so really good at doing anything..sometimes i found myself so talent-less and so uninspired. What i need now to live and to survive are to dream and to love. with dreams i start to love mylife more and be thankful what i have now. I remember when i was in HS i told myself i will be a designer in the future, and i was daydreaming…day dreaming and kept on thinking as far as i could “should i go to art school? will i get everything i need there?”, I was thinking about take Psycology too. But i thought taking Visual Communication Design would be a good to help me reach to work in design industry. It’s not easy for me to be here, so many talented and smart(y pants) people here. I thought i never survive at the 2nd semesters. But hey i’m still here….next semester i’ll get my internship *hope i will go to good industry which i can learn a lot from there* and after that it will be the end of semester and i’ll be doing for my final project.


Kick some asses! *still with no energy*




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