About The Heart Breaker part 2 : The Valentine And Blue

For you there’ll be no crying For you the sun will be shining  Cause I feel that when I’m with you It’s alright, I know it’s right  And the songbirds keep singing Like they know the score And I love you, I love you, I love you Like never before. Eva Cassidy- Song birds.

Dear you again,

I couldn’t remember when the first time i met you…but i remember that day before valentine, we got so close without any expectaction to love you more but my heart said “there he is..talk to him..it’s gonna be fun”, you know right before you i fell in love but it didn’t work too, my heart was broken, but i thought it was ok cause i met you several months later. My pain just healed when you came and i thought i was in happiest place in my life. You were my Valentine..yes you were.You made me embrace every moment in my life, decorated my cellphone with your short messages when you missed me a lot, teased me every weird things i did, and you were one of the reason for me to wait my day off so i could visit you there at your place and it took 3 hours to see you, to get close to you. I’m kinda emotional and not so a good girl but you soften me..sometimes i prayed to God, i started to beg when i want you more than anything.

But since Valentine not always be red or pink..in our story i realize that you cannot stay in pink or red. You become blue for me..you came as a unexpected person, then you became my friend, then lover, and now back to be a stranger, maybe a total stranger. Maybe you have your own reason to stay away with me or maybe God hates me and tell the universe to break us apart. It’s like He said “Hey that’s Dini! please take her boyfriend away from her and send another girl to pick up her boyfriend! They can’t be together forever, her feeling become stronger day by day but the boy doesnt!”.

We made a good chemistry, you never know how much you mean to me, though what i’ve been through lately is a pain, pain in heart and soul. We had a lot of good times. Everytime i came to you..you held me save and warm, you cheer me up only when i saw you smiled, the time we laughed together, watched movies till morning, that superb birthday surprised, and most of all thank you for let me to love you and you took a chance to love me back. With you i know what is unconditional love

Been down one time, been down two times, i call it lesson learned, but i hope i’d never gone there again.

and for you, all the good times, all the bad times, all risks, tears from both my eyes and heart, if you want to go..i’ll respect your decision, i know you have fun there..so i will too while i sew this heart myself shut

and yes i loved you like i never before, my valentine and my blue.


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