No good artwork to post lately but i just turned 21 and i don’t feel anything but happy : )

Best about last 2 weeks were:

1. I went to Bandung and stayed with my sis’s then had some fun there instead of did my midterm’s tasks *yes i know it was lame*

2. A week later back to Jakarta and went to INACRAFT (Indonesian Craft Trade fair) with my sister and got some good stuff there *yeah that’s why i love Indonesia*

3. My birthday was kinda simple birthday..but i’m happy since i celebrated it with my family, friends, and of course with my love one ; )

4. brightspotmarket 2011..a unique retail and there are so many local and international fashion designers. glad i was there and bought something for myself. I love fashion as much as i love art and for me fashion is art.

Ok that’s all i can write now..i’m too lazy to type now..maybe i’ll put some photo and works soon


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