They’ve Got Married

Commission Artwork for a friend, He wanted give his sister an artwork for her wedding gift. So he asked me to make an illustration. it didnt take a long time for me to make this piece. i’m happy because my friend is happy see the result. he couldn’t stop say thank you to me. Well, i did nothing, just doing my work, i did this because i need distraction from a bounch of college tasks!

and i didn’t ask him for pay me, so i offered him to take me to dinner after i’ve done some tasks, Lol. I’m not really exicted with the result because i planned to make an pop art style but i screw up, but like my lecturer said “I’m not really satisfied with the result by the way but the fact is i’m really proud with it, i’m proud because my client was happy with it”

anyway congratz for the newly couple then 🙂


2 thoughts on “They’ve Got Married

  1. rizqannafai says:

    as i recall im the one who offered the dinner! wait, was i? hahah. anyway lovely work! GREAT color splash. thank you, thank you so MUCH! 🙂

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