sniff sniff

I spent my weekend on assignment and spare my lil time on Sunday for Toys Fair.

and already presented the assignment yesterday we did pretty good job. It was worth it thinking so hard for this assignment in only 3 days *almost* without sleep.

And now here i am…feeling so mess up because i got fever, makes my mood down too. i skipped the second class today because i felt so unwell and the heavy rain made flood came to town. Jakarta is going so unwell as i am : (

I should write something about toys fair and what i did last weekend but i want to share what happened outside for today.

Courtesy : Pak Bimo *makasih pak :)*

Yeah i feel sick and gloomy so does Jakarta : ), but i’m very thankful there are friends who are still care about my condition now, thanks guys :*

especially Iren who brought me a dinner and Cristin came over to see me after college 🙂 i love you more and more girls

ok think i’m about to sleep again zzzzz


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