best in 2010?

Hey Guys! has 2010 been treating you well? Yes? No? Ok both…Speaks about my Christmas and New Year Holiday is so boring so i wanna make a 2010 review..

1. My second year in College was so bumpy but i don’t know i feel so “wow” with it…the assignments weren’t really hectic like now..Now for me sometimes is like my first year..torturing and boring. here’s some photos

the making of PSA..and me as an actrees and script writer


making of documenter movie called "tukang jamu"

iren birthday at Thai palace Bandung

2. Imogen Heap Concert in Jakarta! I love her Music and her quirky fashion…and i thought she was quite person but she wasn’t..she was so interactive..i like her when she sang little bird.

3. Of course it’s New Young Forum Leader from WVI..We met so many talented kids all over Indonesia for 5 days. Me and some friends were Volunteering to teach them how to photograph then selected all the good pictures and displayed them..i wish i could had a good experience like this next time. The kids were so was hard to say goodbye to them..i never thought that i would have a magical 5 days. we were going to one to another place and photographed them.



that’s a quick review about best things about my 2010…hopefully next year i can add more good stuff here. Happy New year all. and what i want now is pass this semester i dont care about the grades anymore..i want get rid of this! help!


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