Dear Fuka,,

i was freezing for a moment before i write it down for you. i was trying to think a time before you texted me with that gloomy news

we were just two kids had a chit chat at YM…talking about wonderful what we’re gonna do next week…how wonderfull it was, Fuka?

Then you texted me…you told me that your dad’s seminar has canceled so you can’t go to Jakarta. i didn’t know what to say..what i was thinking before that just a bounch of activities we’re gonna do here.somehow i had a feeling that you wouldn’t come here too..we wouldnt see each other in this year..but i choosed not to believe it!This is not the first time we couldn’t see each other..it’s about million times we failed..but always try and do it again and again.¬†Fuka you said that you felt so gloomy today after your dad told you that you guys couldn’t go here because the cancellation..i never thought that it’s really hard for me and you (or maybe your dad too?) but like you said this is our sweetest downfall God has a sweetest plan for us?i know we’re so broken heart! yes this feeling reminds me about 2 years ago when my ex dumped me but the different is you’re not a jerk (not even close to!)..Fuka only you, and God about how much i miss you..you had sticked with me about 14 years..and you’re the only one who understand me wether it’s wrong or right..yeah maybe this situation makes me know how much you mean a lot to me

Fuka..i planned to do all my assignments so i can hang out with you without any college stuff inside my head…but since you will not come…it’s ok by me i’ll do my assignment and finish it ASAP… i can dedicate a day for you…i’ll having fun for you..i’ll do something i like for you because you’re always be my happy pal..

At this broken moment and for these 2 broken hearted besties (3 or 4 with my sis and your dad)

All my loving i’ll send to you!

illustrated by teja *i "stole" it for you >:)