best about March: Imogen Heap’s Live!

hello Jakarta

tedNted in action..cute!

tim axile!

i love her

aaahh take me ms Imogen


it was 31 march at wednesday’s night me and my pal Lita went to Balai Kartini to see Imogen Heap live!

it was so freakin traffic jam in Jakarta..too many people came late including us 😦 ( it was really difficult too to find transportation from my place to Balai Kartini). the show supposed to be start at 7 but it postponed about 1 hours..thank god the opening act was really kick ass, TedNTed and Tim Axile were really cool in their own! i was really enjoy their quirky music :). After that Imogen heap showed up with a cute black outfits. she sang “first train home”.  i thought that she was a quite girl but i was totally wrong, she was so kind with the audience…and i can’t forgot the way she showed us her unique sounds like a little girl showed her new toys to her new friends :). We were trying to get good shots..but i think we were a bit failed since we were standing really away from the stage.

i had a blast night though my feet felt such pain after the show (3 hours standing without sitting!!!)..yeah i felt a very horrible pain until tomorrow.

here’s for some of the crowd..and you’ll know how far i stood..

hey i cannot see!

i dont know but i like it


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