late night post!

I went to the gym today to do some exercises with a friend (Ria). We did aerobic for the first time. The trainer was freakin me out and we did it for 40 minutes non-stop…wow!!! the trainer said “you should to get used with this stuff  for your muscle”  My body pretty messed up but it was fun!!especially when we danced “Jaiho” yeah it’s original soundtrack from a great movie Slumdog Millionaire..LOL i felt ridiculous and sexy at the same time since i really like this song and everytime i heard this song i feel that i really wanted to dance. and finally i did! i can’t wait until the next exercise

we had great time today since we met some cute dude there but sadly some of them are taken (because i saw them with a girl).

it’s almost 1 o clock in the morning….i’ll go to sleep after i watch the 11th episode of Glee!

Good night!!!


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