happy (funny) valentine’s day?

Dont laugh just open! i know it’s silly


valentine is not about something pink eh? vintage, old school and quirky are cool enough.

Sorry Landon if i messed up with your song. lol.. yeah im so ridiculous

in my deepest heart i just want to say that i………

i adore you..Landon! it's all for you

it’s the best valentine’s day sillyness that i had ever made!!! the last time i made something for my crush when i was 6th grade and my crush was 12th grade..what an insane?!!!!! and now in my almost 20th years old life i wanna made something for someone special. But currently im not madly in love or crush on a guy. So i decided to make something for my celebrity crush Landon Pigg. Keep on your good work Landon. and im sure i’ll always buy your album.

I really big thank to people who share his really cute picture in flickr.  i’m thanking you http://www.flickr.com/photos/reidrolls/ for the beautifull shots of him. sorry i really really messed up. 😦


 Happy valentine’s day all..i love you my mom and dad, my sister, my best friend, my best random and quirky friends in college, i love you life, and also God (even sometimes i forget Him).

i’m really grateful this holiday though im just stay at home. but hey i’m in my hometown now. i’ll back to City in thursday..awwwhhh

see ya in another quirky post!

I have my valentine’s day song too. From John Lennon, it’s kinda

simple but i like it much since i am fan of John Lennon too

oh my love for the first time in
my life
my eyes are wide open
oh my lover for the first time in
my life
my eyes can see
i see the wind, oh i see the
trees everything is clear in my heart
i see the clouds, oh i see the
everything is clear in our world


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