at this moment

i got nothing to write and tomorrow is exam! i cant concentrate to study currently because i can’t get out some stuff which is really disturbing yet sweet inside my brain. i watched 2 movies today

first i watched “Fame”
it was my high school dream!
it was another musical teenage movie! i love musical movie..i wish i could sing and dance like them. if i were not in design school like i do now..i would be a broadway star! lol

after that i watched “whip it”

the reason i wanted to watch this movie was Landon Pigg!! yes! landon played as Oliver ( Bliss’s boyfriend). he was cute there.. but then i changed my wasnt only Landon Pigg but the whole casts and also the story. I think this is how woman supposed to be. We have to be tough,fearless,yet still sweet and nice.

I guess it’s enough for movies stuff. lately im really addicted crapping around youtube! and suddenly i found this stuff…remember this video? i think its kinda sweet video..

have you guys got a sweet memory about that song? let me know it then 😉


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